Who Am I?

I'm Brad, a Game Designer!

I am based in Brisbane, Australia. Here, I follow my passions in developing narrative rich and innovative games.

In 7 years I have developed over 14 games and founded EnderLost Studios in 2017, whilst in my final year of high school. This was off the back of my biggest success so far, An Aspie Life. That game has won 3 national awards and was a finalist in the AGA (Australian Game Awards) in the ‘Australian Developed Game’ category, which has led to over 18,000 downloads on Steam. My current project is An Aspie Life Beginnings, a prequel to An Aspie Life which I am using to expand my skills in storytelling and level design.

I'm currently studying my Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments at QUT , with a GPA of 6.4..

I cannot wait to be part of so many more projects!

My Skills

Experience as a Game Developer


Skilled in the talents that a producer must utilize such as, daily stand-ups, scrum, and public speaking events. Works well in a team to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Game Designer

Skilled in game design. Have developed a wide range of games in different genres. Focuses on narrative and system design. Loves to design games the challenge the player and pushes into new gameplay loops.


Skilled in a wide range of art, including in 2D and 3D design. Loves to draw pixel art and utilise different art styles to bring worlds to life. Skilled in Maya, Sketchbook and Paint.net.

UI Design

Experienced in a wide range of UI Design concepts. Works closely with the 12 principles of design to deliver information efficiently to the player.


Has knowledge in social media marking / UX testing campaigns. Next year will have completed a minor in Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

Level Design

Developed a wide range of levels, with both single and multiplayer aspects. Levels are focused around pushing players to use the gameplay mechanics to their advantage.


Development Projects


What have I worked with!

game Engines

  • - Unity
  • - Gamemaker Studio 2
  • - Unreal

Coding languages

  • - C#
  • - GML (Gamemaker)
  • - Python

Project Software

  • - Trello
  • - Hacknplan
  • - Slack

Artist Software

  • - Maya
  • - Substance Painter
  • - Sketchbook

Productivity Software

  • - Microsoft Office
  • - Google Drive

Other software

  • - Adobe Premiere
  • - Davinci Resolve 16
  • - Audacity
Want to know more?

Download My Resume


Want to talk? send a message

  • mebradhenjobs@gmail.com
  • @mebradhen