You are lost, deep below the ground, somewhere far away. Lost from the world, forgotten. Somewhere in the dark. You try to run… But something in the darkness is after you. Trapped you must find a way to escape. From the creatures of the night, using the power of sight! The hours are counting down, you need to escape now!

Creeping Souls is a VR/PC horror experience! Use the power of sight to protect yourself from nightmarish statues, that move in the dark. Play through an immersive, 3D Retro styled Pixel art environment.


    - The aim of the game is to last as many rounds as you can. In the future, there are plans to add multiple endings. As for rn, it's based around surviving ​as long as you can!

  • - Game Designer
  • - Producer
  • - Animation
  • - Programmer