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Type = Game Engine

Unity work

I have developed a range of projects inside the Unity Engine, leading to a great understanding of the system and workflow. This means I can easily scale and scope out a project inside Unity.

This project to the left, called AEGEUS, was a game I and 2 others made during university. The aim of the game is to defeat a range of poachers hunting deer. The game uses a unique system of advanced AI for the deer and enemies, that develops randomised encounters based around herd movement. This leads to an intense and engaging gameplay experience.

Type = Game Engine

Unreal work

I have used the Unreal Engine to develop a range of short movies leading to a great knowledge of the engine. Whilst I have not developed a game inside the engine as of yet, I have a firm understanding of how to use the it and can easily transfer my knowledge over from Unity.

Type = Art

3D Modeling

3D Modelling! What’s better than 2D… 3D! Man do I love my Z axis! But seriously, over the past few years I have developed a great understanding of the 3D modelling workflow, with experience working with Maya, Substance Painter, Advance Skeleton and MudBox.

With this knowledge I am able to assist artists in their roles and gain a better understanding of the time needed to complete tasks. On smaller projects, I can directly lend a hand if the team begins to waterfall.

TYPE = 3D characters
KNB217 Assessment 2
KNB 217 Assessment 1
Type = Art

Pixel Art

Since beginning to develop games back in 2013, I have built up my skills in pixel art at the same time. This includes animations to bring these sprites alive. The past 2 games I have developed have had well over 500 pixel art assets, leading to experience in drawing both environmental and character art.

In order to make pixel art, I primarily use Paint.net, given it is perfectly fine for such art. But I have also used Pixel Studio for tile set creation.

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